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Yara Skye

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Measurements: 119

If you want to impress Yara Skye, you'd better come correct. This Blasian girl-next-door from South Florida says she's always had a thing for a businesslike man in a suit and tie, especially if he's the kind of guy who can be proper in the boardroom and naughty in the bedroom! Once you get Yara alone, she might just ask you to take off that tie and slip it around her slim wrists--this beauty has a craving for bondage, and loves to fantasize about being tied up while she gets down! Yara has steadily been playing more and more with her taboo impulses since she became first a webcam model and later a porn starlet, and she's a confirmed submissive, although when it comes to her scenes, Yara will happily play any role! This ingenue has a background in acting, so she particularly likes the kind of parts that she can really have fun with: "I love more vocal interaction, hot storyline, and the SEX." Do you have what it takes to give Yara what she wants? Find out now.

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