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From one look at redhead MILF Kendra James, you can tell this babe is dangerous. A former professional dominatrix who ran away to join the circus--where she refined her aim with a bullwhip--before falling into fetish modeling and the adult film industry, every inch of Kendra is pure temptation. No wonder she always finds herself playing the role of the sultry siren who lures cute and naive starlets into decadent depravity! Kendra laughs as she says, "I don't why I started playing these characters that get to be evil and make sweet innocent girls do evil things to each other." Her fans know the answer, though. It's because there's nobody better at it! A legend of both the fetish and lesbian porn worlds, Kendra jokes that she's been in the biz for so many years, and seen so many naughty fantasies brought to life, that she no longer knows what "normal" is, and she wouldn't change a second of it. "This has been my life for a long time and I can’t say it’s been boring!"

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