8th Street Latinas

8th Street Latinas
Money Talks presents: video Cupcakes And Ass

March 17, 2009

Snap, Crackle, and Pop...Here at Money Talks we believe in flavored explosions, thats why we bring to you the first Pop Rock B.j. After, we bring entertainment to your mouth, enjoy our hard earned cash because we have been tossing bills day after day to find the freshest flower on Melrose. A skirt that goes up must come down, so lets just hope you can keep UP with us. Next, we race over to venice beach to drop some cash for a quick flash. But wait, Nadines not finished in Los Angeles, she finds some honeys for a fast lingerie try on. Watch as these cute casual chicks do their thing on a money talks catwalk. Last bu not least, Ramon seems to think cupcakes are an everyday thing, watch and enjoy some freshly baked cakes with a side of breast..

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