8th Street Latinas

8th Street Latinas
Money Talks presents: video Bike Gone Fuck On

June 9, 2009

Money Talks, bull shit walks, and people are really willing to do ANYTHING for cash. First up we have the unthinkable, we actually found two guys willing to cross the ultimate line in a bit which involved a cum shot, a motorcycle helmet, a set of excellent titties, and a squeegee. After that we slow things down with a good old fashion all American titty flash. Following that we bring you two smoking hot tourist girl friends willing to toss a little salad in the alley for a price they could not refuse. And finally for our juicy porn of the week, we hit the town with our boy Voodoo and help a young hot damsel in distress recover her losses from getting her bike stolen. By recover her losses we mean have sex with her in the back of our van, lucky for us the girl could ride a lot more than a bike. Dont miss a minute.

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