8th Street Latinas

8th Street Latinas
Mike In Brazil presents Camilla in video: Red Hot Chilly Pussy

May 1, 2006

Camilla was a sweetheart from the very beginning. Very polite well mannered and extremely pleasant to be around. I was beginning to wonder what the fuck was wrong with her. I mean it was to the point that she worried about sucking my cock because she didnt want to scrape my cock with her braces. Are you fucking kidding me. I know the hazards that come along with fucking all sorts of women week after week and believe me when I say scraping my dick is the least of my worries. Her pussy was so hot wet and juicy I just had to call her red hot chilly pussy. We are in Brazil not California but we sure as shit did our own fornication that would make even the hardest of hardcore gringos blush.

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