8th Street Latinas

8th Street Latinas
8th Street Latinas presents Nadia in video: Lock N Cock

August 18, 2003

We were chilling when we spotted Nadia. She locked her keys in the car, and we told her we could help. The tool to help open the door was back at our house. We convinced her to come back with us since a lock smith was going to be around 200 bucks. We had to get this tight ass back to the crib. Her pants looked like they were painted on. We couldn't find the tool we told her we had. It didn't matter because she was making plans of her own in the back in the parking lot. She was checking Bob out as much as we were scoping her package. Her plans were to slobber all over Bob's dick and get fucked like she was a pro. It was a perfect mishap on her part that turned the day around for everyone. I can still feel the heat from her tight juicy box.

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